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How Long Should a Waterbed Mattress Last?

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How long should a waterbed mattress last?

•Three things affect the life expectancy of the mattress.

•The design and manufacture of the water bed mattress.

•How well you look after your water-bed.

If a retailer tells you waterbed mattresses will last ten years or more don’t trust him. The truth is no one knows. My best estimate is based on twenty seven years experience. Having starting to sell and install water beds in California in 1985, the sales guys would tell customers that a water-bed mattress would last between ten and fifteen years, this was a realistic expectation.

I’m guessing that about ten years ago there was a change in the regulations as to what chemicals and plasticizers could be used in all PVC. This had an adverse effect on the life expectancy of a waterbed mattress. Our own retail division High & Dry Waterbeds would purchase the best mattresses from the best waterbed manufacturer around this time we had several customers that had problems after as little as four or five years. Disastrous if you are offering a five year guarantee. With good customer service we weathered that storm and the PVC used to make waterbed mattresses has improved considerably over the recent years.

High and Dry Waterbeds offer two qualities of mattress. Our economy range comes with a two year guarantee and should last approximately three to four years. Our premium range waterbed mattress comes with a five year guarantee and should last approximately seven or eight years if it is looked after properly. They may last a lot longer but if I say that and they do not, customers will feel they have been misled.

I won’t get drawn into the debate about cheap waterbed mattresses manufactured in the Far East due to threats I’ve received in the past except to say that our economy range are from that location.

A waterbed mattress will last much longer if properly looked after. A 4oz waterbed conditioner should be added every six months contrary to some retailer’s incorrect advice that a twelve months conditioner is adequate. It is not! Please read our blog on waterbed maintenance.

Another factor that will reduce the life expectancy of a water bed mattress is inexperienced high-tech European newcomers trying to over engineer a simple product. Over fancy reinforced corners, two filling valves and unsuitable vinyl. This has left many retail customers with nowhere to turn because the waterbed mattress manufacturer has gone into receivership.

So to summarise a waterbed mattress should last approximately seven to nine year if you look after it properly. An online retailer selling from home that says his mattresses are better and will last longer will take your money and never honour a warranty.


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