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Looking After Your Waterbed Mattress

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If you have read our article explaining how long waterbed mattresses should be expected to last then you will also be aware that looking after your waterbed mattress correctly will increase its life expectancy.

Waterbed Conditioner

Waterbed Conditioner

Waterbed conditioner has two functions. It prevents the formation of bacteria in the water-bed mattress. Two different problems occur as a result of excessive bacteria. A bad smell from the water that penetrates through the vinyl, described by those unfortunate enough to experience this as a stale straw smell that gets in all the bedding. We have written an article on what to do if your waterbed starts to smell. The second problem is not so difficult to tackle, the formation of noisy air bubbles in the mattress. The bubbles are actually gasses produced by the bacteria. An eight ounce bottle of waterbed bubble stop, also known as bubble gone lasts up to a year. In my experience it works in about seventy percent of cases. If you are in the thirty percent of people that find it does not work you will need to empty the waterbed mattress and refill it. Put in a strong first fill conditioner to make sure.

Apart from killing bacteria the waterbed conditioner also forms a film on the inside surface of the vinyl which lubricates it and reduces the migration of plasticiser into the water from the PVC. The vinyl needs to be supple in order to flex with the movement of the water bed mattress. Over a period of time and depending on whether waterbed conditioner has been used, enough plasticiser can be lost into the water that the vinyl will become brittle. Just as bending a wire coat hanger back and forth several times, over a prolonged period of use the movement will cause the brittle vinyl to crack.
The crack will only appear to be one or two millimetres in length and will generally be at the end of a crease where there is the most movement. Read what to do if my waterbed mattress leaks?

So a 4oz bottle of waterbed conditioner must be added every six months because after that it will wash of the inside surface of the waterbed mattress vinyl, so buying a yearly conditioner is ill advised.

Waterbeds are the most hygienic sleeping surface. Not the nicest thing to discuss but the dust that accumulates inside a conventional mattress feeds dust mites. The dust that settles on the vinyl of a water mattress can be easily wiped off using vinyl cleaner. Waterbed vinyl cleaner will also help extend the life of the mattress because the dust is actually dead skin and contains an acid that is harmful to the vinyl.

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July 10th, 2012 at 4:07 pm

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