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Anyone that has a modern waterbed will agree that there is no better sleeping surface. Working in our shop in Portsmouth, Hampshire we regularly have adults buy themselves a waterbed to solve back problems and then give their old mattress that caused the problem to their children. Back problems can be caused during a child’s development so buying a cheap or second hand mattress because they are only young is inexcusable.

Children of any age and adults sleep better on a waterbed.

Child backache is not uncommon. Unless it was caused by an accident it will generally be caused by a poor mattress that is not giving the support needed. If this is not addressed it can lead to greater problems in later life.

This article was prompted by a conversation with customers that have a waterbed and asked what was a good age to buy their son Austin a waterbed? We came to the conclusion that although from the age of six months was fine it would be more sensible to wait until he is a toddler of 1 ½ – 2 years of age when he has more control over his movement.


It is a common myth that children’s waterbeds are too expensive. This may have been the case years ago but ‘High & Dry Waterbeds’ have prices that will make you think again.
Without trying to make you feel guilty, if you can’t find £499 for your lovely little ones then you should consider putting them up for adoption for their sake.But seriously!!
£499 is obviously a start price for a basic softsided waterbed. For a small additional extra you can tailor the bed to your requirements.

Our ‘Build-A-Bed’ feature will guide you through the options available with helpful information and advice.

If you decide to keep the price down to a minimum without upgrading you will still have the same comfort and support because it is fundamentally the amount of water that that gives the support and comfort. This is adjustable to suit the individual by simply adding or removing a small amount of water.

Optional extras or upgrades are;

  • The upgrade from our ‘Olympia’ to a the ‘Olympia Deluxe’ range.
  • The addition of storage drawers.
  • The addition of a nice headboard.
  • The upgrade from a free flow mattress to a more stable water mattress.
  • The upgrade in quality from our standard waterbed mattress to our deluxe range.
  • Delivery for easy self-assembly as opposed to collecting from our workshops in Chichester.

All of these options can be found by clicking here.

Although not a nice topic it is one that needs to be mentioned. Whilst I was working in America back in the 80’s it was decided that although there was no proven relationship between (SIDS) ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ and waterbeds it would be very bad for the waterbed industry if there was an incident that would be pounced on by the media. Six months of age is the age that becomes hardly a risk. Between one and four months is the highest and 90% of cases happen in babies under six months. After a baby’s first birthday it is no longer a risk.

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August 7th, 2014 at 1:33 pm

Which quality of soft sided waterbed should I buy?

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A softsided waterbed buyers guide – price or quality?

High & Dry Waterbeds are manufacturers of the highest quality waterbeds since 1989 we have had to offer a choice of price and quality to our various trade customers throughout the world. Since the evolution of the internet low price has become the demand of most online retailers. Both qualities are now available direct to the public at our low factory prices.

The Olympia softsided waterbed

Olympia Foam Side View

Olympia Foam Side View


The Olympia is a well-made softsided waterbed with the same features as most soft sided waterbeds available. We have made some improvements such as the anchoring strip with a double line of fixing screws and much higher quality materials used throughout than other manufacturers use. The fundamental problem is that a piece of foam 9” (23cm) does not have the internal strength and will begin to bow out with the pressure of the water and crumple from the pressure of sitting on the edge. This is a common issue with all waterbeds of this basic design. As the foam begins to lose its shape the mattress will stretch to fill the bigger size. This will create a tension on the surface which will reduce the comfort and support.




The Olympia Deluxe

 The Olympia Deluxe is a significantly superior quality for only an additional £100 Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the Stability of Your Waterbed Mattress

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How can I put into words the movement of a waterbed mattress?

The stability of a waterbed mattress is governed by layers of fiber that absorb and have a damping effect on the water. Logically the more fiber the less movement.

Because the amount of movement you choose is based on practicality and personal preference we offer a range of five different movements.

Fiber Layers

Fiber Layers

See the video below.


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October 18th, 2012 at 9:53 am

Would I benefit from dual waterbed mattresses or is one individual (mono) water mattress perfect for me?

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Would I benefit from dual waterbed mattresses or is one individual (mono) water mattress perfect for me?

First let’s talk about the principal of a waterbed and the reason that it gives unparalleled comfort.

Dual waterbed mattresses

waterbed mattress

From the simple diagram it is obvious that the displacement of water away from pressure points will result in upward pressure from the mattress being evenly distributed over a much greater area. Consequently this will give far greater comfort than any other sleeping surface.


The beauty of a waterbed is that it can easily be adjusted to give the maximum benefit.

For an individual it is very easy to adjust the support. Read the rest of this entry »

Waterbeds in the Philippines

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High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd have been supplying waterbeds and waterbed mattresses to retailers throughout the UK since 1989. Over the years we have exported to many countries around the world.

Although the Philippines is still considered a third world country there is a large and growing sector of the population earning considerably above the national average income. Generally the work is in areas generated by foreign businesses. A result of the technology boom is that awareness and availability of luxury goods has become increasingly easier.  Filipino’s love their television with a constant stream of movies and shows from America creating a desire for material luxuries and junk food (I’ll save that gripe for another blog).

waterbeds Philippines

waterbeds Philippines

Manila has a population of approximately eight million people. In the provinces most still sleep on a mat on the floor. This might sound like an exaggeration but I can assure you it’s true. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing Your Waterbed Mattress

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Choosing your waterbed mattress

This article has been written to guide customers through the process of choosing a new waterbed mattress.

You are either buying a new waterbed and need a little advice on which quality and stability to go for. Or you already have a waterbed and are buying a replacement waterbed mattress. The following information applies to both.

The first thing to decide is whether you have or will have a hardside waterbed or softside waterbed. A brief description of the difference can be found on our ‘waterbeds page’ but the mattresses are a different size so it is important to decide which one you require. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 25th, 2012 at 8:32 pm

What If a Waterbed Mattress Starts to Smell

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What if a waterbed mattress starts to smell?

Although very rare over the years we have had a number of instances where customers have reported a bad smell coming from the waterbed mattress. This is not to be confused with the smell of new vinyl at the time that new water bed mattresses are first installed. This particular vinyl smell can be quite strong at first but fades over a few days but some people are obviously more sensitive to smells and report that it lingered for several weeks before disappearing completely.

The smell we are talking about develops some time after the water-bed mattress is filled and is described by those suffering as a stale straw smell that gets into all the bedding and is very unpleasant.

What causes a waterbed mattress to smell? Read the rest of this entry »

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July 19th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Removing Air From a Waterbed Mattress

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Removing air from a waterbed mattress.
It is important to remove any noisy air pockets or bubbles from your waterbed mattress.
Firstly the air pockets make an irritating sploshing noise when you turn over in bed.
Secondly the air creates a tension in the vinyl which reduces the comfort.
And thirdly the air gap is a breeding ground for bacteria, moist, dark and warm.
We have created a video to show you the easiest way to remove the air from your waterbed mattress, although it is not a Hollywood production it is informative.

It is worth knowing that it is not actually air, but gas generated from a bacteria in the water. We supply an 8oz bottle of bubble stop often referred to as bubble gone. This should neutralise the bacteria and prevent the formation of the gas for approximately one year. Our own experience over many years is that this is successful in most cases. If you are one of the very few that find the bubble stop does not work. The alternative is to empty the water mattress and refill it.

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July 19th, 2012 at 11:57 am

Repairing a Waterbed Mattress

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How Do I Repair A Waterbed Mattress?

There are three reasons why a waterbed mattress would leak.

1             A manufacturing defect

2             Accidental damage

3             Your mattress has reached the end of its life

waterbed leak

The first thing to do is not panic. (Generally it looks far worse than it is because the water cannot go under the mattress due to the weight of the mattress, so the water squeezes up in the corners and then it will travel around the edges unless you catch it in time.)

Check the safety liner is above the water level so water cannot come out of the waterbed.

Unplug the waterbed heater.

Obtain a waterbed repair kit.


How to locate the leak in a waterbed mattress. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 19th, 2012 at 11:30 am

Refilling a Waterbed Mattress

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Filling A Waterbed Mattress.

Most waterbed retailers will offer an installation service but if you are confident that you could manage this yourself we have written this guide to help. If you can contribute to the advice please feel free to add your comment at the end.

Preparation will save you wasting a lot of time and make sure you get maximum comfort.

Before filling a waterbed you must ensure the heat pad of the waterbed heater is correctly positioned. Check the safety liner has no creases in the bottom and especially over the heat pad. Check the corners fit to the corners of either the hardside waterbed frame or the inside foam corners of a softside waterbed.

Lay the mattress inside the waterbed surround. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 19th, 2012 at 11:29 am

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