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Which quality of soft sided waterbed should I buy?

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A softsided waterbed buyers guide – price or quality?

High & Dry Waterbeds are manufacturers of the highest quality waterbeds since 1989 we have had to offer a choice of price and quality to our various trade customers throughout the world. Since the evolution of the internet low price has become the demand of most online retailers. Both qualities are now available direct to the public at our low factory prices.

The Olympia softsided waterbed

Olympia Foam Side View

Olympia Foam Side View


The Olympia is a well-made softsided waterbed with the same features as most soft sided waterbeds available. We have made some improvements such as the anchoring strip with a double line of fixing screws and much higher quality materials used throughout than other manufacturers use. The fundamental problem is that a piece of foam 9” (23cm) does not have the internal strength and will begin to bow out with the pressure of the water and crumple from the pressure of sitting on the edge. This is a common issue with all waterbeds of this basic design. As the foam begins to lose its shape the mattress will stretch to fill the bigger size. This will create a tension on the surface which will reduce the comfort and support.




The Olympia Deluxe

 The Olympia Deluxe is a significantly superior quality for only an additional £100 Read the rest of this entry »

Buying a Replacement Waterbed Mattress

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Choosing your waterbed mattress

This article has been written to guide customers through the process of choosing a new waterbed mattress.

You are either buying a new waterbed and need a little advice on which quality and stability to go for. Or you already have a waterbed and are buying a replacement waterbed mattress. The following information applies to both.

The first thing to decide is whether you have or will have a hardside waterbed or softside waterbed. A brief description of the difference can be found on our ‘waterbeds page’ but the mattresses are a different size so it is important to decide which one you require.

Secondly choose the size. Options appear on our water bed mattress page. Some additional special sizes can be supplied if needed at an additional charge.

Thirdly is the water mattress stability. Layers of fiber inside the waterbed mattresses absorb the water and so dampen the movement. More fiber means less movement. I could spend hours trying to describe five options of the range of movement. Instead you would be better to watch our short but informative video as a picture tells a thousand words and a video, several thousand!

Your fourth choice and possibly the most important is whether you choose twin waterbed mattresses? Read the rest of this entry »