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Waterbeds in the Philippines

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High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd have been supplying waterbeds and waterbed mattresses to retailers throughout the UK since 1989. Over the years we have exported to many countries around the world.

Although the Philippines is still considered a third world country there is a large and growing sector of the population earning considerably above the national average income. Generally the work is in areas generated by foreign businesses. A result of the technology boom is that awareness and availability of luxury goods has become increasingly easier.  Filipino’s love their television with a constant stream of movies and shows from America creating a desire for material luxuries and junk food (I’ll save that gripe for another blog).

waterbeds Philippines

waterbeds Philippines

Manila has a population of approximately eight million people. In the provinces most still sleep on a mat on the floor. This might sound like an exaggeration but I can assure you it’s true. Read the rest of this entry »