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High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd have been supplying waterbeds and waterbed mattresses to retailers throughout the UK since 1989. Over the years we have exported to many countries around the world.

Although the Philippines is still considered a third world country there is a large and growing sector of the population earning considerably above the national average income. Generally the work is in areas generated by foreign businesses. A result of the technology boom is that awareness and availability of luxury goods has become increasingly easier.  Filipino’s love their television with a constant stream of movies and shows from America creating a desire for material luxuries and junk food (I’ll save that gripe for another blog).

waterbeds Philippines

waterbeds Philippines

Manila has a population of approximately eight million people. In the provinces most still sleep on a mat on the floor. This might sound like an exaggeration but I can assure you it’s true. However, in the city most now have mattresses. So considering the percentage of those with back pain, allergies or those that just want the best night’s sleep possible, and considering the density of the population, that means there is a huge potential market for the best bed money can buy.

High & Dry Waterbeds is the retail division of High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd. We know there is far more to making a successful business than just having a good market place. We have built our reputation and customer base on word of mouth based on three main principals. These are quality products that will improve customer’s quality of life, value for money and high quality sales and after sales service.

In 2011 we were approached by a large reputable sales and marketing company based in Makati, the business district of Manila. They had done extensive research into waterbed manufacturers and selected us as their supplier.

We have developed a range of soft sided waterbeds to suit the Philippines market. Style is predominantly influenced by the Spanish who had colonised the Philippines for about three hundred years. The Olympia waterbed and Olympia Deluxe are two qualities that can incorporate all styles simply by selecting the customers own choice of headboard and base. Not being restricted to any particular style means that modern designs and fabrics can be used.

waterbed philippines

waterbeds Philippines

The first water bed that we installed for display and marketing purposes was a very modern style, simple, sharp finish with an upholstered base in the fabric shown above. We have not selected any particular headboard at this time while our client completes a market research study of various options.

Although in the UK we offer a choice of five different waterbed mattress stabilities we have found that nearly all mattresses sold range from a little to no movement due to the waterbed mattress fiber layers so experience tells us that rather than confuse customers with too many choices we will just offer the water bed mattresses that customers always select from our own waterbed shop in England. This particular model was installed for display with a super stable 95% water mattress.

So now it is down to the ability of the marketing company here in the Philippines to spread the word about the numerous benefits of a waterbed. So look out for future blogs following the progress and hopefully success in this new market. Good luck, we wish you all the best.

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