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Would I benefit from dual waterbed mattresses or is one individual (mono) water mattress perfect for me?

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Would I benefit from dual waterbed mattresses or is one individual (mono) water mattress perfect for me?

First let’s talk about the principal of a waterbed and the reason that it gives unparalleled comfort.

Dual waterbed mattresses

waterbed mattress

From the simple diagram it is obvious that the displacement of water away from pressure points will result in upward pressure from the mattress being evenly distributed over a much greater area. Consequently this will give far greater comfort than any other sleeping surface.


The beauty of a waterbed is that it can easily be adjusted to give the maximum benefit.

For an individual it is very easy to adjust the support.  If the water-bed mattress feels too soft simply open the valve and using a jug pour in about two washing up bowls of water. This will make the mattress firmer. Click here to view our short video which demonstrates how to add and take water out of the water mattress. If you wish to make the mattress softer just take out a couple of washing up bowls of water.

By making relatively small adjustments of two washing up bowls at a time it is easy to find the perfect level.

For a couple It is also a simple process to adjust the waterbed mattress however there is a certain compromise that needs to be made depending on whether you are in the bed alone or together. The weight of a partner will displace the water and have the same effect as adding water. For this reason and assuming you generally both use the bed at the same time it is advisable to set the comfort for the two of you together. Again, see our video How to adjust a waterbed mattress

You will find that the mattress becomes firmer when a partner gets into bed. This will either improve the comfort if the mattress is already just right or even under filled. Should you find that your partners weight causes you to feel you are being pushed up losing support in the small of your back then the mattress has too much water for the two of you and you will need to take some water out until you find the perfect balance.

These adjustments are easily made unless one or both of you are overweight. In this instance you will find it more critical to get the adjustment accurate.

Dual Waterbed Mattresses

What if having adjusted the mattress for two, you find yourself in bed alone and it is too soft?

What if you would really struggle to get the perfect balance as a result of either your own or your combined weight?

A waterbed is temperature controlled but what if you prefer the bed warmer or cooler than your partner?

Dual, sometimes known as twin waterbed mattresses solve all of these issues.


Dual waterbed Mattresses

Dual waterbed Mattresses

Each side is adjusted to suit your own preference whether you are in the bed alone or together. You will not be disturbed by a partner getting in and out of bed or moving around.

There is one down side to this and that is an additional price of approximately £200 Made up from £100 extra for the second mattress and £100 for the additional heater as each mattress should have its own waterbed heater.

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